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Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality is a critical component of Apex program management methodology. We are committed to ensuring that all services, products, and solutions meet customer’s expectations. Apex’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Program requires the development of a Quality Management Plan (QMP) as part of the Project Management Plan.  Our QMP stresses management reviews of quality metrics and diligent follow up on customer inputs, and includes straightforward and complete processes to ensure a cycle of continuous improvement throughout task order execution. Our Quality Lead will work to ensure that the QMP is implemented and updated in accordance with our Corporate Quality Plan. Apex’s Quality Lead is responsible for coordinating execution of quality activities and ensuring that all program staff is complying with the plan. Our approach to quality is in accordance with ISO and PMBOK-PMI standards. Quality depends on the entire team. Apex will implement quality best practices to:

  • Deliver services that meet or exceed customer needs, on time and within budget
  • Objectively perform audits of performance, processes, work products, and services against the applicable standards and procedures as detailed in the QMP
  • Share lessons learned and collect measures for process improvement and cost control
  • Leverage the team’s quality experience and knowledge on every task
  • Declare a task complete only when the product, service or solution has been reviewed for quality and accepted by the customer

Recurring staff meetings and dedicated stage reviews are used to disseminate information and best practices to all contract personnel throughout project execution. Our Quality Program requires participation of all key personnel, our team partners and oversight as part of the Quality Control Board. On-site quality processes are well defined and consistent to allow program-wide measurement, assessment, correction, and continuous improvement.  Apex makes use of PMI standardized quality processes and procedures to develop templates and checklists to help ensure each project/task delivers quality products, services and solutions. For each task order, we use all project elements to develop quantitative and qualitative quality measurements and metrics. Based on Task Order requirements, Apex will conduct audits, report audit results, and perform preventive and corrective actions necessary to resolve any identified discrepancies.

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